Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Thought Provoking Hot Archaeologist

As I was talking with my extremely intelligent friend last night, the war that we're currently...having...or whatever...came up, as well as my confusion as to what exactly was happening over there, and why.

This man, my personal name for him is "Hot Archaeologist" proceeded to explain to me the events that led up to this particular conflict. As he talked many thoughts ran through my head. Some involved writing a romance novel involving him...and some involved reading more about what he was going on about.

"Where to start?" thought I? "What books on current events could I possibly be interested in?". I'm more of a medieval history gal, American Civil War is right up my alley...but sounds boring. I quickly, and rightly, mentally slapped myself for this type of thought, because as I complain about the ignorance of my fellow humans, I am quick to be the exact same. I can't be this person anymore. I must know more!

One other recent personal event added to this surge of knowledge hunger. I recently joined an organization called Soldier's Angels ( and in doing so realized that supporting a soldier who is fighting this war, and risking her life, is nice and all, but not being able to comprehend why she's doing it...seems...lame.

I pose a question to you, dearest reader, where do you find information on current events? Do you watch the news and leave it at that? Do you find information, and good books that can keep you enthralled instead of causing you to fall asleep? If so, what books are these? Where can I learn more about this war, and how it all happened?

If you can help me with my mission, I promise to write a romance involving the very gorgeous, and somehow even more intelligent archaeologist....


  1. I watch the Daily Show as Jon shows both sides so well. I also have read several books on the Middle East, hoping they would enlighten me as to why there is so much violence in that region. Sadly, I still am at a loss to explain it. I would rather read about a hot archaeologist as this I can understand.

  2. Welcome! to Soldiers Angels from another 'angel':)
    and, as far as information? I don't know that I necessarily understand, either , all the 'whys'? but...if you want 'boots on the ground' commentary ,from those who are actually serving, about what they are going through? reading 'milblogs' is very informative. Check out for listings of milblogs, and their search option allows you to find blogs of servicemembers deployed and writing about it right now.

  3. Books are definitely the way to go, but I would stay away from most news shows, though...there is always a hidden agenda either way, unfortunately.

    Internet research to point you in the direction of a good non-fiction book is the way to go. Not to mention, the Hot Archaeologist could also probably point you in the right direction!


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