Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reading Through the Season

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I've found over the years that I read less during certain times of the year. For the most part the times of year that I've read less hasn't changed. Usually through Thanksgiving and Christmas I read much less, I have a hard time even picking up books. I find this odd due to the fact that as a general rule I tend to enjoy book related things as Christmas gifts....
I hate that during this season, which is suppose to be happy, I am usually slightly depressed, and a part of that is because I'm not reading. It's a vicious cycle.
I've been trying to figure this out for a while, and I blame a large portion of this cycle on the upcoming year. Right now I'm psyched about books that will be coming out soon, and about the challenges that I've decided to participate in. Another part of this whole problem would be that I'm excited about this season itself. I want to read, but I have so much other things on my mind. Working more, so that I can make enough money to deal with Christmas as well as the normal bills, looking forward to time off, but also torn between wanting to spend time with family and wanting to wrap up in my favorite blanket, Alice, and get a nice cup of hot coco and read my books.
I've noticed that we all have the same complaint, not enough time to read. This time of year is when it's most evident to me. What about my readers? Is this time of year hard for you when it comes to reading? Or are you able to find and make time to read? If you are able to do this, please give me tips!


  1. I also noticed that I have less time to read between Thanksgiving and Christmas. My reasons are very similar to yours, I am working longer hours to pay for the ridiculous amount presents I buy (I tend to go a bit overboard) and when I'm not working, I'm either shopping, decorating, or making holiday plans. It doesn't leave a lot of reading time. However, I'll more than make up for it after the holidays when I am wore out from all the excitement and eager to get lost in my books again.

  2. I find spring is when read the least. Between my heavy school load, work and gardening I just don't have the desire to read. Oh sure there are titles that call to me, but I find my attention span is short during spring. I would much rather be outside playing in the dirt. When summer comes around I find I more than make up it,as this is when I read tomes or a series of books.
    BTW, many people become depressed during the holidays; strange as it may seem, Christmas is not always the most wonderful time of the year.


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