Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Starting Reading, and Documentaries

Well, I'm slowly but surely getting ultra interested in reading again...

I picked up Pope Patrick by Peter DeRosa a couple of days ago and am about 20 pages in. I read some at work early one morning, and had a brief moment today when I had the house to myself, and read some more. So far it is very interesting, with some humor mixed in. I think this is exactly what I need to get me back into my habit of making reading a huge part of my life.

I also wanted to mention that my fiance and I recently signed up for Netflix. We did so, because we really liked the idea of watching movies and t.v. shows instantly, and better yet, on our television instead of crouched around the computer! This has not been overall as exciting for my fiance as he originally thought it would be. This is because of my love for documentaries, mostly historical, and his lack of love for them. He would rather spend an hour before bed watching a t.v. show, or a movie, where as I have discovered that documentaries are not only educational, they are wonderfully easy to fall asleep to. You'd be surprised that I can make an hour long documentary take three days to watch.

Right now, we are relaxing and sitting down to watch Genocide, which is about the extermination of the Jews during WWII (one of my favorite subjects). I'm also excited because I added Lost Castles of England and Martin Luther to my que tonight. It was agonizing trying to figure out which one to watch!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful night. Let me know what documentaries or subjects you like to watch, if any.

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