Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trying to Come Back

Well, it's been over a month since my father passed away. I'm still having a lot of troubles even thinking of picking up a book. I miss my dad very much, though I try to keep that to myself when I can. I don't want to read because it remind me of my dad, but I want to read because it will help take my mind off of it. It's a very confusing time for me.

I'll tell you a bit about my father, if you're interested to know. He was 56 years old when he passed away, and I was his only child. He never once married and surrounded himself in things he was interested in, like guns, books, and replicas from the Viking's. He was extremely interested in genealogy, and loved to learn about where his ancestor's came from and what sort of times they lived in. I learned my love and reverence of books from him and was able to prove to my fiance and future sister-in-law that I come by my craziness naturally, as Dad had taken each of his most prized books and air sealed them for travel from Illinois to Pennsylvania.

He was an awesome man, and as I mentioned before I miss him very much.

I'm going to try to force myself to pick up a book here in a bit and try to find joy in reading again. I need it.

How have all of my reader's been in the last month or two?

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  1. glad to hear you're back. i've missed you.


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