Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just an Update

Hey everyone. I'm quite sorry I haven't been around lately. I've been busy and a bit down so reading hasn't much happened. I've been spending a lot of time distracting myself from those things that upset me. I know that reading should work perfectly for that, but for me it doesn't. It's a vicious cycle with me. I can't focus on reading when I'm depressed, and then I get depressed because I haven't been reading.

This week I'm off of school so I hope to work at least one more book into the month. I'm still reading A Question of Guilt, but I have to be honest I've not gotten very far. I've also picked up Ten Top Stories edited by David A. Sohn. This book was published in 1985 and a friend of mine at work told me to try it. It has the following short stories in it:

So Much Unfairness of Things
Hoods I have Known
See How They Run
Planet of the Condemned
Flowers for Algernon
Backward Boy
Polar Night
Denton's Daughter
The Turtle

The first story is Flowers for Algernon and I'm about halfway through it. See, not much reading getting done. Hopefully I'll at least be able to finish this book this month.

How has every one's January reading been? So far are you making your goals? Living up to your reading dreams? Or are you like me, good start and waning towards the end of the month?


  1. I haven't been reading as much either but it has been because of headaches. I'm an oddball since there are times when I'm really low which leads to more reading. Hope you feel better soon.

    Maybe you could try reading something light. Oh no once again I'm going the vampire route but the Betsy Taylor series by MaryJanice Davidson is really fun so it might help perk you up and give you some amusement.

    As for reading I've actually read seven books so far this month. I was adding a page since I'm testing that out over here and thought I'd add the books I read and voila seven. Okay six is more accurate but I'm counting the one that I posted about on the first although it was more read in December instead of January if that makes any sense. Shutting up now since I'm sure this place has a limit on comments too.

  2. Do you have a blogspot blog??

    And seven books...not too shabby!

  3. Yeah I do have a blog over here.


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