Thursday, July 24, 2008

Highlander In her Dreams by Allie Mackay

Highlander In Her Dreams by Allie Mackay
Number Of Pages: 332
ISBN: 978-0-451-222

Back of Book Description:

As a paranormal investigator, Kira Bedwell knew that her gift as a far-seer had its advantages. But while touring the ruins of a Scottish castle, she never expected to gaze upon the noble figure of medieval clan chieftain Aidan McDonald...

And she certainly never thought the irresistible Scot would appear in her dreams from then on.

Years later, while investigating time portals in Scotland, Kira again sees Aidan in person. When she unknowingly steps through a magical gateway, she finds herself face-to-face with the handsome Highlander-back in the fourteenth century!

Aidan is surprised and delighted to finally hold the woman he has envisioned for so long. But even as their romance transcends dreams to become reality, they find themselves under attack by Aidan's enemies. And it will take all of their courage and resolve for their love to survive beyond time itself...

My Grade: B
Romance Sex Meter: It's A Hot One

This book grabbed me from the very start. I couldn't put it down for the first half. I found it highly entertaining, but with a few decent sized flaws.

I did discover that it moved quickly, maybe a bit too quickly. I don't think I was ever given a real chance to fall in love with the chracaters. I definitley could've fallen in love with Aidan, but I was never shown his hurts or triumphs. Kira was a strong woman, who gave in easily to her man. Not something you normally see in a romance.

Of all the characters, including the main two, I did really enjoy a man named Tavish, Aidan's best friend. I really wished that I could have gotten to know him better. Also, the dog. The dog was pretty cool!

You didn't really have a chance to watch their love grow either. You skip 12 years into the future after the first two prologues and then they are already mostly in love. You never got a chance to see it build, making it hard to believe it was true.

There was no real explanation of the bad guy, I mean, she told us "This is what he did..." but didn't really give him any scenes where he really felt threatening.

I did find this book to be a quick entertaining read. I enjoyed it. I will read her next one. But, if you're looking for one of those romances where the love scenes bring tears to your eyes because you've been waiting for this for 50 pages, with the tension built up just so, this isn't the book for you.

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