Thursday, July 24, 2008

Highlander Untamed by Monica McCarty

Highlander Untamed by Monica McCarty
Number Of Pages: 382
ISBN: 978-0-345-49436-8
Back Of Book Description:

Rory MacLeod is a bold and powerful Highland Chief with only one allegiance--to his clan. He vows revenge against the rival MacDonald clan, though duty demands a handfast marriage to Isabel MacDonald--a bride he does not want and has no intention of keeping. But Rory couldn't have anticipated the captivating woman who challenges his steely control and unleashes the untamed passion simmering beneath his fierce exterior.

Blessed with incomparable beauty, Isabel MacDonald is prepared to use every means possible--including seduction--to uncover her husband's most guarded secrets. Instead, Rory awakens Isabel's deepest desires and her sweetest fantasies. Now Isabel has found the happiness she's always dreamed of with the very man she must betray, and discovers that passion can be far more dangerous than revenge.

My Grade: A+
Romance Sex Meter: It's A Hot One!

Not only did I fall in love with the hero, Rory, I also fell head over heels with the heroin. This book blew me away from the first page. I felt the multiple facets of the relationship as if it were my own. I thought it was beautiful when the characters taught each other real things about each other, not just, that's where the penis goes. This book is exactly what one is looking for if they want well rounded characters, not just the two main ones, but also the secondary characters.

The author writes beautifully, showing the reader every aspect of the surroundings, but not in a listed way so that your feel disconnected. Sometimes she works in the description so well you don't even notice it.

I will definitely be reading the following two books in this series and recommend this to any romance reader looking for that book that has the raw emotion to make you cry. (In a joyful way I promise!)

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