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Island of Lost Girls by Jennifer McMahon

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Island of Lost Girls by Jennifer McMahon

Since I don't usually read this genre I have to admit that when I found this book I only purchased it because, while the description sounded interesting, it was a bargain. I don't remember the exact price, but I know it was under five dollars. The cover caught my eye at first. Innocent and yet somehow haunting. The book had little innocence in the end, but has left me feeling pretty damn haunted!

The story centers around Rhonda, who is in her 20's but half of the time reminded me of a prepubescent girl and the other half of an innocent and cloistered 40 year old.

Rhonda witnesses a kidnapping with a VERY unusual suspect. Honestly, for the first few chapters I thought there was a chance Rhonda was a schizophrenic . Until everyone was on board with the weirdness and downright creepiness of the kidnapper, I was sure this was a story about Rhonda's mental illness.

As the story of Rhonda's 'involvement' in the kidnapping unfolds, the reader learns that almost everyone who could be even a little connected to the missing girl has a BIG bad skeleton DEEP within their closet.

Again, it's important that is not one of my 'usual' reads, so I was constantly surprised by the developments in the story. The lives of these characters are kept closed by the author right up until a reveal that knocks you off of your feet. I was often finding myself physically reeling backwards, completely stunned. At times I would even set the book down to absorb the new information. Although these pauses in reading were EXTREMELY brief. At one point while reading I actually forgot to put my food in the microwave because I couldn't wait to get back to the book.

There was never a moment while reading that I found myself bored, but had there been I'm sure it would have been short lived. Oftentimes one chapter was set in 2006 and the next in 1993. Occasionally there would be momentary tantalizing and outrageously creepy point of view of the perpetrator.

There was only one plot line that I guessed before the author 'told' me. This didn't hurt my reading experience, however, because I wanted to know what the characters were going to DO about it.

Once I did find out who the REAL bad guy was, I was flabbergasted!! I had NO clue the entire book.

Some may find the reason for the crime itself mundane, but in my experience, true crimes in life are usually for quite mundane reasons.

I really have no negative words for this book. I started it Sunday morning, finished it Sunday evening, and couldn't stop thinking about it Monday.

I read part of a review on Amazon that said "Jennifer McMahon did for rabbits in Island of Lost girls what Stephen Kind did for clowns in It" and I do not disagree. I hope with Easter coming up that I can avoid any men in giant bunny suits.


  1. I think it sounds amazing. Even with you telling me some of the plot points, I still want to read this book!


  2. Thanks in your publish that search has to end presently. You wrote the write-up inside a really very comprehensible way.

  3. The book had little innocence in the end, but has left me feeling pretty damn haunted!

  4. Island of Lost Girls is an unsettling account of the secret lives of children, told in unexpected twists and turns, as if Alice had fallen down the wrong rabbit hole.


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