Saturday, January 14, 2012

Irish Moon by Amber Scott

Format: Kindle Edition
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Print Length: 344 pages

Irish Moon by Amber Scott was an interesting take on both the Knights Templar and the practice of the Druids.

Starring Breanne and Ashlon and a fiendish cat, a charming little boy, and a clan chief, the book at times entertained me, but also bored me, and confused me.

Breanne and Ashlon are very engaging characters, and I enjoyed reading as their love bloomed and became something tangible. Breanne is almost always smart in her choices, never that "Oh my god...did she REALLY just do that" main female character.

Ashlon has a task at hand, and while he is slightly more confusing than Breanne, he's easy to enjoy and even lust after. His past is tortured given the problems the Knights Templar had recently had put upon them by King and Pope, but the details as to HOW tortured are lacking, and leave you feeling at a loss of pity for him and his struggle.

The quest he is on is even more confusing, and up until the end I wasn't convinced as to how Breanne could help him. The climax of the book did leave my heart racing and my eyes scanning faster over the words, I just wish I would have been less perplexed as I got to that point.

The secondary characters and their struggles were even more confusing, and some of the side story lines seem to just fade away and so did some of those secondary characters.

This book had a very good premise, though I think it could have been executed more crisply and had another round with a good editor.

I wouldn't turn another Amber Scott book away, but I'm not sure I'll be seeking one out any time soon.


  1. Too bad this one didnt deliver, thanks for the honest review.

  2. Thanks Nadia! The thing is, I pushed through, which I normally don't, so it had SOME decent attributes.

  3. Nice review. The premise does sound good. I love anything that has to do with the Knights Templers, but I will stay away from this one. Confusing books mean confusion on my part.

  4. Thanks Sari! And you're right, confusing books take away from the story in so many ways. I hate when I spend more time wondering what the hell just happened than being able to read further.


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