Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holidays Rock My Socks!

Other than being stuck home sick with the flu, this has been a pretty rockin' day.

My boyfriend and I really suck at not giving Christmas presents early, and I already sort of knew that he bought me a Kindle Fire, and he had an inkling that he was getting a digital camera, so last night we exchanged our 'big' gifts. I've been attached to the Kindle ever since.

I also have a regular Kindle, which I have broken twice in less than a year. I still blame the whiskey, and I have to say that I'm not entirely sure why he trusts me with a much fancier, and more expensive version. We'll just assume he's blinded by love (or whining). My life has been threatened if anything happens to this one (and he DID buy the replacement plan, as he's a smart cookie sometimes).

First I wanted to write about how psyched I am to finally finish Game of Thrones, as I've been 93% done for oh...about 4 months! Since I couldn't finish it, and we've been super busy, I've not found myself able to pick up another book since. I have HUNDREDS of books around the house, but even though I've read Game of Thrones twice, I really wanted to finish it. So I'm excited to be able to do that now, and post a review for the first time in...well...ya know, a LONG time.

I'm also excited because my friends on twitter are super savvy and some are super frugal and have already in the last 10 minutes made it to where I could get not one but TWO books that have been on my wishlist for a long time, for 1.00! I also downloaded The Christmas Carol (free of course) because I base my entire knowledge of it off of the Muppets, which is super awesome, but most likely not completely accurate.

I'm also pretty psyched to get the blog up and rolling again. Mike and I recently moved and unfortunately my contact with Ms. Kaylee hasn't been as strong as it's needed to be (for our friendship, or the blog) but I'm quite sure she's been reading lately, and post-holiday madness I may be able to get a review or two out of her.

I'm also hoping to host a giveaway soon, though many of mine have been complete failures due to lack of money and such, but now that's not such a problem and I'm thinking an Amazon gift card giveaway (in honor of shiny new Kindle) may be in order. I think I'll wait until after the holidays though, as I'm sure there are many going on as we (or I swear there are no voices in my head) type.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, whichever it may be, and I'm off to read. And I really do have the flu :(


  1. Hope your holiday was great!

    We ordered the Fire as a joint Christmas present this year. We had it for about a week and half and we returned it yesterday. I was quite disappointed in it's performance and what it had to offer. I own the $79 Kindle so I wasn't looking for an ereader replacement but rather a cheaper tablet. It doesn't compare with the iPad so we'll be ordering an iPad very soon. I hope you enjoy your Fire.

  2. It's been over a week and I'm still madly in love!!! I've never had anything with apps before so it's a whole new field for me. I really enjoy that I can get Pandora going at the same time that I'm reading. And I can take a break from reading to check the blog :)

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