Sunday, October 23, 2011

Back in Black?

Well - HELLO everyone!

I've been receiving an awful LOT of questions from friends and family as to why we haven't been posting on the blog in the last few months. Life has been a whole hell of a lot of crazy lately, that's why! must read a book to review it.

In the last few months I've gone through a break-up and then a reconciliation, a move, stress at the work place, a death in the family, dealing with a new job for Mr. Mike that puts him away from home for a month at a time, and again some more stress at work. Oh, and I als
o broke my Kindle for a second time!

Our recent move (to the middle of the country!) will hopefully, once everything is put in it's proper place, help to drive me back into reading. We have a wood burning stove and nothing sounds better than sitting by the fire and reading with a blanket and a kitty on my lap. That's right people, a KITTY! Our previous abode was NO PETS :( but as soon as we moved into our new place I went and got two kittens. Sadly, the black one in the picture above, Chicken, passed away after a dog attack a few nights ago. The tiger, Chill, is still here and healthy and happy. She misses her sister (they were littermates) but she is SO loving.

Kaylee, who also misses our blog, has her own stuff going on, though I know for a fact that she's been reading, and if she feels the need to share it with the public, I'll let her, but it's not r
eally my business to do so.

So, until I can get through a book and get a review of my own up, please tell me your most favorite recent review, be it on your own blog or on someone else's. I can't wait to read some awesome reviews to help push me back into the book world.

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