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To Kiss A Demon by JL Oiler

To Kiss A Demon by JL Oiler
Pages: (E BOOK) 77
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Katrina Rush is a special task force officer assigned to take down on of the city’s biggest arms dealers. Unfortunately, not all her team is on board with the idea. When several of the group turn traitor and assassinate their comrades, Kat is faced the accusations that she is to blame for the treachery.

Barak if a demon from the inworld that has come to the outer plane to find a woman to be his bride. When he catches Kat’s scent, he knows he has found the right one. Now all he needs to do is save her from the bad guys, help her revenge her fallen teammates, and convince her to be his Zi-mate. The fact that the glamour hiding his true nature he borrowed from a witch might make it a bit more difficult.

Together Kat and Bark seek out and eliminate the bad guys while burning up the sheets, as the time their glamour will hide them here in the human plane draws to a close. In the end, Kat finds herself faced with a decision that could mean losing Barak.

My Rating: A

My Review:

When JL Oiler first asked me if I would review her book, I wasn't expecting quite what I got. In my mind a book with a title like that would run along the same lines as Kenyon. Until Ms. Oiler pointed out to me that it was paranormal erotica I wasn't expecting it at all. This being my first time with this particular genre, I was excited and a little nervous as to what I might find, and worried about how I would write my review.

I delved into the book and read half of it in a very short amount of time. The story flows easily and quickly, to me bordering on a bit too quick, but I didn't let it bother me because it was a new to me genre. I, personally, could have used a bit more back story, but maybe this is how this type of book is set up, I really have nothing to compare to.

Somehow, in only 77 reading pages, I found that I really enjoyed all of the characters. JL Oiler does in 77 pages what some authors can't do in 300 hundred. She wrote some awesome, eye catching, rounded characters that by the end of the book I really wanted to see more of and learn more about.

The erotica part ::devilish grin:: I was worried that I would see a little story, a lot of sex, and then a little story. Not so! There was sex, and it was erotic, but it fit into the story pretty well, and did not overshadow it. All in all, a great way for a erotica virgin to break into the genre as a reader.

I look forward to more by this author, and will be recommending it others!


  1. Erotica virgin? LOL No more! Loved your review. It's nice when a book we think may not be for us grabs us isn't it? For me, that's the fun part of blogging and finding all these titles I would never have paid attention to.


  2. Loved your review. As a fellow virgin, I would be a little apprehensive towards reading from this genre. Your post has eased my mind. I will gladly jump in and give one of these books a go.


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