Sunday, October 10, 2010

How Do You Discuss Your Books?

As I find myself using the internet even more to discuss books, I was wondering what others do to discuss their book love?

Obviously many of us have blogs, which is a great way to connect with other readers, authors, publishers and editors. But there are other avenues that a bibliophile can take as well.

Personally I started on Yahoogroups, which it seems aren't used much anymore. I'm a part of a couple of groups on there. My favorite by far, as the members have become like family to me over the last few years, is MostlyBooks.

Mostly Books is a great group where there are a few people who just love to talk about books, but also realizes that books aren't the only thing happening in our lives. (While we may wish it was). I've been a member for a few years now, and as I said before the groups members are like a family to me. I love them all dearly. If you are ever looking for a place to make awesome friends and learn a lot about books and many more topics, this group is for you.

Click to join MostlyBooks

Click to join MostlyBooks

There are also websites like Goodreads, where you can discuss books, and share what you are reading. Sites like this have an awesome amount of extras (my personal favorite is that I can put in how many pages I am into a book at it calculates how much more I have to read).

Some of us may even be a part of face to face book groups. I started one recently that only has 3 people that come, but we have fun and we really enjoy our time together chatting. It's run a bit like Mostlybooks is, in that if the topic strays from books there is no one feeling like we're horribly off topic.

So, the point of this post is to ask, how do you discuss your books? Online, email, face to face?

While I'm here, I want to welcome yet another blogger into our little world. Please check out Euphoric Thoughts of a Eukaryote. She's a good friend of mine with some fun stuff to talk about!

Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. It depends upon my environment. Back in Montana I was part of a great face to face club. Here in Nevada it is hard to find people who read the same types of books. I like mostly nonfiction while many of my coworkers enjoy romance. I am a member of Mostlybooks. It is here that I am able to talk books as much as I like. Of course I do blog but as you know, often it feels as if I am talking to myself. I pop up all over the blogging world and engage as much as I can.
    Personally one of my favorite ways to talk books is with over the phone with you!

  2. I really enjoying discussing books, no matter the forum. I've found that since moving to North Florida, I still don't really know a lot of people who share my book-loving tastes -- I just haven't found them yet! :) I'm not comfortable meeting people online through the Meet Ups and then meeting IRL, but I have met some fantastic fellow bloggers through the blogging community. I almost enjoy a pseudo-sense of anonymity, you know? Blogging is my favorite part of it, and I'm just now starting to get into Goodreads as well!


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