Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Book Page

I don't know if any of my readers are able to get their hands on a copy of Book Page (and if not you can click on the link to see the website) but it's an awesome monthly newsletter/catalog thing that I can grab from our local bookstore, coffee house, and library. I love them. I didn't get them for a while, because, to be honest, I forgot about them. But recently at my book discussion group (which is sadly down to two members) I was reintroduced.

Octobers edition had some great looking titles in it.

First I read a really cool article about Margaret Robison and her new book

The Long Journey Home. In this book she apparently does some explaining as to what her
two sons Augusten Burroughs & John Elder Robison where talking about in their books.
Now, to be honest I have only ever heard of the book Running With Scissors, and know nothing of these people and their stories. After reading the article in Book Page though, I'm quite intrigued. I'm just wondering how many of the sons' books I'm going to have to read before I will be able to fully understand their mothers book.

There were many other great looking titles in Book Page this month. Of course, I wrote down a few. Here they are:


savingmax pettymagic

I have to say that the cover art on all of these books are really great! I'm intrigued by the covers alone. I'm especially looking forward to Adam & Eve which is a bit outside my comfort zone. I enjoy trying new things, but it is especially fun when it's books. Or at least it is to me.

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