Sunday, September 12, 2010

A long week

After Labor Day we have been swamped here at the Wonderland home. Lots of work and lots of home life stuff. Hence the reason I haven't been around the last week.

I just wanted to announce that I'm excited by a couple of requests from authors to review there books. There will be at least one author interview and give away coming up on my blog, if not two! I'm really excited about these offers to review. So keep coming back for the opportunity to win win win! And of some awesome new authors!

There's also a new poll up! Check to the left, my question is...Do you find yourself lacking ambition after a holiday?? Does that day off of work just ruin you for the week? It does me, I'm just hoping I'm not the only one.


  1. Interesting, I am looking forward to see which authors

  2. That's exciting! Me - i just started reviewing books too for Booksneeze!

    I answered the question as "yes"! Actually i am just having that right now. We had a long weekend again last Friday.

    Oh btw, I received an award and I'm passing it to you! It's the Cherry on Top Award! Come pick it up at

    Have a nice blogging day!



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