Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Face to Face Book Discussion Groups

I could be wrong, but I am going to assume that a large part of the reason that we bloggers all have our book lovin' blogs is because we have few people in our personal lives to chat books with. I know that's the reason I had started one. I'm now extremely grateful that I have an outlet for my book highs and lows, but I have to admit, it just doesn't replace the rush that one gets from chatting with good friends, or even strangers, in a face to face environment.

When I lived in Illinois, I started a small book discussion group. I based it off of an online group, Mostly Books at Yahoogroups, that I am a part of and have been for years. I love this group and love the way our set up is.
My little group was great, we were all friends from work or school, and we got together on a weekly basis.
Then I moved. I don't believe that the group still gets together, and I personally miss it very much.

Today, a girlfriend of mine from high school posted on her Facebook a simple question:
Is there are book discussion group in our area?

I know that my church holds one, but it's at an odd and hard to make time. So, I told her that I had started one back in Illinois and had thoughts of starting another one around here. She liked the idea, and that was all it really took to get me going. We picked a night and a time that worked for us, and went from there.

I called a local coffee shop that I know has a room that can be used for small parties to keep away from whatever event they may be holding, and made an event on Facebook. I invited a bunch of friends and asked her to share the link. So on Wednesday night I'll be going to my first discussion of books in a long time. I'm very excited.

The way that I prefer a book discussion group is that instead of having everyone read one book and discuss it, is for everyone to bring a book they are currently reading, and go 'round the table' and talk about the books, genres, and author's, and seeing where the conversation goes from there.

Are any of you part of a book discussion group? How is it run? Do you have any special get together's or talks with authors?


  1. So jealous! I wish I could start a book group ;(

  2. Why can't you? I bet your local library would be a great help, I know in Illinois ours was. They even put out more chairs before we got there to ensure we'd all have seating.

  3. My book club is celebrating its 8th anniversary next month! We always have 12-15 members at any given time, but only about 6 from original group. It is based out of our church, so that is why we have some fluctuation in membership -- people moving, having babies, etc. But we do have members that are not members of my church. We meet the 2nd Friday of every month in members homes.

    We have had 2 author calls -- a really great time with both. We go on field trips -- usually a city the book was set in. When we read Elizabeth Musser's Searching for Eternity we hit just about every location listed in Atlanta.

    It is really a lot of fun!

  4. I take it you read a book as a whole group then? Does that always go well? sounds like you have a great group going on!! Thanks for commenting!


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