Friday, April 2, 2010

Off Topic Friday! April 2, 2010

Today is my wonderful fiance's birthday. He is 24 years old now, and I can no longer pull the "I'm older than you" argument when we are fighting over stupid stuff, which we rarely do anyway.
Let me tell you some more about my man:
He does not in anyway enjoy reading, but doesn't complain too awful much about all of the books that have taken over our apartment. He is a hard worker and treats me like a queen. He enjoys action flicks and crime dramas, and he is willing to learn about just about anything that I decide I'm going to talk about for hours on end. He is the housekeeper, as I am too lazy to do it, and he doesn't complain much about that either. He is not the kind of guy to spend hours on the game console and ignore me when I'm talking to him. He's not a liar, or a cheat. He's excited to marry me as I am to marry him.

He's one of the best uncle's I've ever met, and would move heaven and earth for his niece, Riley. He will change diaper's and give baths, and yes, he will make sure that re-runs of Barney are playing over and over again, and knows every song to every episode.
He has stuck with me through so much in the relatively short time that we've been together. He works so hard and has made every day since we became a couple better and better through his unconditional love and care.

He makes me laugh at least three times a day, either by cracking a particularly funny joke, or by just being a goof. He enjoys 'boy' funnies, such as farts and burps and making funny noises with various parts of his body, and yes, I have been requested in the bathroom at least once to "Look at this!!!". It's all worth it though because I have never been in a relationship where I laughed so much.

All in all, there's so much to say about my sweet man, that I really can't fit it all in this page. But what I can tell you is come December, if possible, I will be even happier and luckier than I already am, because I will be his wife.


  1. you two sound like you are made for each other, and I think it says a LOT about a man when he can take care of a child <3
    I wish you two all the best!! and happy birthday to him :))

  2. Happy Birthday Mike! Make sure your woman treats you right today.


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