Monday, March 29, 2010

Pass It On!-March 29, 2010

Today on Pass it On I'll be spotlighting two blogs that focus more on YA fiction. While I read a variety of fiction, I've found that YA seems to be what's in, in the book world. Both of these bloggers work very hard on their blogs and don't get quite the credit that they deserve, or so that's my opinion.

The first blog in this spotlight is Serenehours.
Serenehours is a beautiful blog in dark blue hues with an awesome header that raves for Harry Potter. While Thao has 218 followers, she only seems to receive 2 to 6 comments on her posts. She writes extensive reviews of the books she's read and posts cover art as well. She posts homage to other bloggers in her blog roll, many more than I do, and she should be recognized for that as well. With an amazing blog I think we should all spend a little more time reading what Thao has to say.

The second blog in this Monday's spotlight is in BetweeN the pages:
At in BetweeN the Pages you'll find many reviews from a fan of YA and YA Fantasy. This blog is run by a team Beth and Nathan. What I find refreshing about this blog is that it is mostly just reviews, without a lot of needless fluff included. I did notice one contest that was recently ran, and the fact that this blog has over 100 followers, but very few comments.

Please take a moment to look at these blogs and leave a comment letting them know you care about all of their hard work.

And to the blogs that were spotlighted today, please feel free to add this badge to your blog!:


  1. Hey Melange, thanks for such a cute mention ^^ I really appreciate it.


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