Friday, April 30, 2010

First Vlog!! it is. I've decided to try Vlogging! Please be kind, but do tell me what you think. I'm getting more and more excited about this!

And of course here is a link to The Book Soulmates! Check them out, they rock!!


  1. very nice! actually the quality isnt horrible... i like that you mentioned the fact you spent 91 bux on 11 books hahaha i just did that not too long ago and got grounded from the bookstore :( lol. Anywho... im really wanting to start reading that series! after reading the description and hearing you talk about it i might have to get into it... i just finished the last book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books my J.R. Ward and it wasnt as good as the other ones, but it was still worthy lol.

  2. Very nice. You are at your best when you talk about a book you really liked. What a nice way for your followers to get to know you. I guess I better stop talking about doing this and just do it! I would love to see more bloggers do this.

  3. Good job on your first vlog :) I enjoyed getting to know a little more about you and your tastes in books. We seem to have many of the same tastes b/c I'm a sucker for paranormal & historical romance and YA!

    Actually, I'm also late the the Sherrilyn Kenyon party *gasp* Everytime I go to the bookstore, I intend to get one so I can start but she has so many darn books that I get overwhelmed. I gotta figure out what books belong to what series, lol.

    The first video is always the most awkward, but you'll start having fun with it and you'll get more & more comfortable. Just remember, vlogs are most fun to watch when you're yourself. Don't be a robot, lol!!

    Keep it up and I'll be back to watch your next vlog =)


  4. PS: Thank you so so much for the shout-out and kind words =D

  5. You're so cute, which is the most important quality to possess when doing a vlog, in my mind :-). I think that it shouldn't be any every post kind of thing, since it's harder to devote the time to watching that every time. Just my little opinion. Definitely do it regularly, though!


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