Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cover Time!! - Lord of the Flies

I was searching my wish list and my to be read list on when I found that when I had added my copy of Lord of the Flies by William Golding I had not paid attention to the fact that it added a different edition that I actually own. I only know the difference by the cover art.

I have the traditional (or so I believe) that is quite torn up and bought at a used bookstore a year or two after I graduated high school because it took three readings for me to enjoy the book, which brings to mind something someone had told me once about having to be in the right time of your life to enjoy certain books, but that's an entirely different post. My cover looks something like this, please add wear and tear:

I feel this cover displays the point of the book very well. A small boy pretty decked out in jungle attire, with some bugs on a plate made from a rather large leaf. No smile on the boys face makes it known that he's probably not happily in the jungle clothes and place that he is. Which is generally the point of the book,
very generally, but general enough.
As I searched through the TBR list on my PBS account I saw this cover:
The cover on the left looks
nothing like what I have ever thought of the book to be about. But it's still a kick ass cover! If they would have handed me this book in high school I would have gone into the book with a much...more open mind. I know we all say "Don't judge a book by it's cover" but sometimes it's just so hard to do. The cover on the left seems like something a teenager would want to read. It's got a giant fly on it!! I can't say that the cover describes what the book is about at all, but it does draw a potential readers attention.

So, after seeing that there was more than one cover out there I Googled Lord of the Flies to see what other awesome cover art there was, and there's plenty. Most of it even more plain than the one I own but the one that truly caught my attention:
While the book cover above is equally as awesome as the last one I am not as impressed with it for some weird reason. It's just my opinion. Though I will say if a high school teacher wants teenage boys to find this book intriguing this is the cover to buy. How much more "Woah Dude!! This is sooooo coool" could you get? A bloody pigs head? Yeah, that'd get my younger brother into it right now. While it displays an aspect of the books plot I don't feel that it describes any more than the second cover. Overall the first cover does represent the books plot the best, but the last two would be more grabbing if it were on a shelf of mine, or anyone's for that matter.

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  1. Woah, you could write a graduate thesis on cover art and its influences on reading choices. Nice!


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