Sunday, January 10, 2010


I'm crazy anal about my books. Recently I equated someone leaving one of my books on my living room floor to me babysitting my niece and leaving her on train tracks. I don't break my bindings, I don't dog ear pages and the thought of writing even a message in a book that is a gift turns my blood cold. (I get a nice piece of paper and write my message on that and leave it in the book).

So, you must realize now how surprised I was to find the book I was reading in the bathtub last night. The bathtub itself was empty, but the faucet has a tiny leak. The book had been in there long enough that it had been ruined. I was a bit upset about it. I have to be honest though and tell you all that I was a little glad. I was enjoying the book fine, but it just wasn't really grabbing me. I do hope to pick it back up again but I am now excited to start A Question of Guilt by Julianne Lee. It's a book about Mary Queen of Scots and the death/murder of Henry Darnley. While putting the cover picture up on my blog I went to the authors website and found that she's written many books, historical romance and historical fiction. I am always excited to find a new historical fiction writer! I don't think she's actually new to the trade, but she is new to me.

Has anyone ever read anything by this author? I'm looking forward to the book as Mary is one of my favorite subjects to read about.

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  1. Hello, Melange!

    I know what you mean about taking care of books. My dad taught me never to dogear, etc., and nowadays I don't even sign my own books with an autograph unless asked. In bookstores I get permission before signing stock.

    I hope you'll enjoy "A Question of Guilt." Probably the reason you didn't know about my earlier work is that they are time travel stories published by Ace Books, and were promoted as science fiction/fantasy. An entirely different section of the bookstore.

    "A Question of Guilt," which is about Queen Mary Stuart, and "Her Mother's Daughter," about Queen Mary Tudor, aren't time travel, and so it would seem I am fairly new to this sort of historical fiction. However, all of my books are as historically accurate as I can make them.


    Julianne Lee


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