Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Alice Shrine

The book group on yahoo groups that I'm a part of, Mostly Books, is doing an impromptu (mostly re-read) of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I mentioned on list that I should take pictures of my Alice Shrine, which is mostly on my one book case. There are however bits and pieces of Alice paraphernalia around the house. So I took the pictures and since I have nothing more to write about I thought I would upload them here as well and share my shrine with all of you. I hope you enjoy, do tell me what you think!This is the first of my four Alice purses. A very good friend picked it up at Hot Topic for Christmas a few years back. It needs cleaned badly.This is the top shelf of my built in book case. (I intend on repainting it soon) but this is where most of the 'shrine' is concentrated.
Miniature Alice and Mad Hatter Cabbage Patch Dolls. Came with the tea set and everything! I love this little set. My friend Kristi bought it for me for Christmas I believe a year ago or so now.

A good friend of mine went to Disney for vacation one year and came back with a pin (which is in a jewelry box somewhere) and a photo of Alice and of them. I've kept the photo in books while moving as not to lose it. I came home after my fiance and I had moved in together and found all of my Alice stuff arranged as so. The cell phone charm was a gift from one of my very best of friends and I refuse to use it for it's purpose. I'm afraid I'll lose it.

This is the other side of the cell phone charm.
A beautiful Alice in Wonderland journal a good friend of mine bought me. I love it so much I won't use it...
And another Alice in Wonderland purse my ex's sister bought me for Christmas. She was a great supplier of my Alice needs.

This is the awesome key chain/mirror that came in one of my multiple Alice purses. I love it so much I can't keep it in the purse, it has got to be on display
Yes, that's right another purse. It's so hard to find Alice stuff that my friends and family keep an eye out for me. I got a call once at home from a friend saying "I'm a K-Mart and they have a purse, do you want it?" So, she picked it up for me and I paid her back. It is one of the few Alice things I've paid for myself and I still wasn't even there when it was bought.

This is probably my most favorite of my Alice possessions. I actually refer to this as 'My Alice'. It's a nice fleece blanket that is ever so soft. I wear it on the weekends as a dress when we're staying in and don't have company. I get very pouty if my Alice is in the wrong room when I need her and I argue with my fiance's niece when she comes over and tries to take it with her.

Although it's small and I can't fit a book in it, this is my favorite Alice purse. It fits great in my fiance's coat pocket when I don't feel like carrying it and I have crammed a ton of stuff in it for when we're out for a while. I love the design. What you can't see in the picture is that it even has a silky inside that has tiny Alice's and White Rabbit's all over it. I hate that I got pen on her face though...
My Alice pillow case. That's MY pillow. My fiance knows he better not get caught using it or else it's to the moon with him...(if you think hard that works on a BUNCH of levels).

I also have a couple different versions of the movie a couple copies of the book and a cigarette case. I have a button of the Cheshire Cat on my coat that gets comments all the time and multiple Alice related t-shirts. I was caught off guard one day when I walked into a pharmacy and the cashier asked if I liked Alice in Wonderland. I was so excited that someone wanted to talk Alice I said "Why yes! I do! Why do you ask?" She looked at me blankly and then just sort of pointed at me. That's when I realized I was wearing my Cheshire pin, carrying my Alice purse with an Alice t-shirt on...I felt...awesome really.

My favorite of all my Alice possessions...or Alice related possessions would have to be these two:
Carpenter is the top one, he's been alive since August (he's a fair fish and he's still alive, this amazes me) and he's my baby. I'm a freak about my fish. Seriously, it's an entire different post, hell even blog. The bottom one is Alice. She's new, and could be a boy and Carpenter could be a girl for all I know. I love my fishes. (we're not allowed to have pets...this is how I make up for it, I also talk to my plants) I can't thank you enough for letting me share my obsession with you and I hope to hear all about something you collect or love.

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