Monday, January 4, 2010

Musing Monday - January 4, 2010

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about New Year reading.

With the New Year here already, do you have any reading resolutions or goals (challenges aside) for 2010? Perhaps a new author? Genre? Want to read more non-fiction? Write more reviews?

My biggest goal in 2010 is to read 50 books! I've had this goal for two years now and have not yet met it. I've been trying hard, sometimes life just got in the way, and sometimes I was distracted with sometimes easier hobbies (TV and Computer are my biggest downfalls). I really want to avoid that feeling of guilt that I get when I'm not reading as often as I want to. It's weird how I can psyche myself into being guilty about not reading. I just know that there are times when I actually could sit down and read but get caught up in something else. Then when I'm busy again I look back at that time as wasted. Or when I finally do sit down and read and get really into the book and think "Man, I should have been reading hours ago!! This is great!". It's not a good feeling, especially when it's so easy to fix. So that is my resolution this year, not just in the reading way, but also when it comes to life itself. I want to quit wasting my time doing things I regret later and start paying more attention to the things that truly make me happy. What's yours?

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  1. I decided that I would finally finish reading the Anita Blake series. I'm already on book 7 although I had already read about half of the series but circumstances like the library not having the paperbacks got in my way. Hopefully I'll get one of them done a week along with other books.

    I do find myself reading less but I still read quite a bit. I'll be doing my read/walk to the library tomorrow. I am looking forward to the latest Sookie Stackhouse, Rachel Morgan and another The Vampire Diaries book. Gee there's a theme since they are all vampires and series.


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