Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Library Woes...

Libraries have almost always been a problem for me. I'm horrible about returning books. Not only do I usually return them late...very late, I often forget to ever return them. I know this is wrong, and over the years have tried very hard to stay away from them altogether because I know how the relationship will end. Until recently...recently money has been tight...I mean tight! So I have had to decide with much thought, to go about the library route again.

First I call the library...and they're closed. Due to the holiday...this saddens me, but I'm in the middle of a book so I move on. I call them yesterday and they are not answering. I get mad, look at the website and realize they are closed again...due to the weather. This angers me. It wasn't that bad!

So, the library is finally open today. I call, how much is a card? Free. Yay. What do I need, proof of address...got it.
Go in. Apparently I already had a card...7 years ago. I must have rented movies and then never returned them. I owe the library 60 bucks!!! Can't get books... Sad face. So, I come home, and send my very NON reading fiance to go get a card and my book. It works. He will be my book fetcher for a few months until we have the extra money to pay my fine. I do feel very bad, as libraries aren't receiving a bunch of money right now...but I wanted my darn book.
So, in a few minutes I'll sit down and finish A Beautiful Miscellaneous, which I'm enjoying quite a bit now. Then I'll start Wintergirls for the challenge for my Mostlybooks group (yahoogroups, check them out, we're a great bunch!)
I'm hoping to save loads of money by not buying any books until we're out from under our bills...which will be a while.
Thanks for listening...


  1. I have library issues too. I'm sure that once you get into the habit of going to the library on a regular basis you'll get better at returning things. I've heard people talking about owing a $100 so there are people with worse fines than you. I have fines at this stupid place and most of them are actually the library's fault. For a long time it was the lack of a computer and the idiots not having a renewal line that caused me to not know when a book was due.

    Happy Reading!

  2. While I hate the fact that they do it, it is nice that my library still stamps the date due on the inside of the book. The library I went to in Illinois would print out a little receipt thing and tape it to the book or stick in a pocket on the inside. That was nice too.

  3. They give a receipt here which I don't really like but since I have a computer now I end up having to check pretty regularly to see when books are due. I actually miss the days when they would stamp the date on that sheet of paper that was in a pocket or taped to the inside of the book. Hmm did that even make any sense?

  4. Lots of libraries with internet access allow you to renew your books online. Perhaps you should look into this...


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