Friday, December 25, 2009

Upcoming Year

So, with a new year coming up, I guess it's time to start talking about goals.

Since I've moved in with my fiancee I've found that I read a lot less than I want to. It is not at all that he keeps me from reading with force, I just find I'd rather spend time with him. I have got to learn how to find time (tearing myself away from the computer) to spend more time with my beloved books.

I have a couple challenges that I've decided to join to help me out with this. I am part of a yahoo groups book group called Mostly Books (I recommend looking us up, we're a lot of fun) that every year does a monthly genre reading challenge. January our challenge is to read at least one book that has a season in the title (ie: Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall). I think I'll be reading The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell to start the year off, if I can't find something different.

I have also joined a Random Reading Challenge, which is suppose to help dwindle the TBR. I'm excited about this challenge because it's different and I'm going to somehow make it to where my fiancee helps me pick out my random books. If you are interested in this challenge please click the picture on the right side of my blog. It's the one with the cute kitty :D

I would love to know what challenges my readers will be a part of this year, and what they plan on doing to help them along with their reading process.


  1. I plan on working more on my blog in the new year. I check the site everyday, but I spend so much time reading others that I forget to write on mine. ;)

  2. Well if you walk maybe you could teach yourself how to read walk. I wonder if I should do a post about that since it is second nature but I think that just might be because I've been doing it so long that it's second nature. Reading in the shower is out too unless they come out with a book that's made of plastic to avoid runny pages.

    I'm blanking on the exact name but I belive there's one or posssibly more books by Robert Jordan that have a season in the title. I'm talking about the Wheel Of Time series. I know there's a Winter one but I want to say there's a summer one although I could be wrong about that. I'd have no clue which books have seasons in the titles. I'd like to avoid thinking about the season, It isn't even a real temperature outside.

  3. As a member of Mostly Books I am excited by our yearly challenge. This year we are really stepping out of our norms.
    My personal challenge it to read my growing pile of medieval history books. This weekend I am going to cull through my TBR shelves to clear out books I will never get to, then I will concentrate on reading the ones I have left. This will be my year of TBR books.
    Good luck with your challenges, perhaps we can clear space for more books!

  4. I am participating in a few. My 2010 are further down the page...and I need to update:


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