Saturday, December 26, 2009

My New Bookshelf

Here's some pictures of my newest bookshelf, and my others as well. I'm so excited. I love having little brothers that actually listen when you talk! :D
This is the newest and tallest bookshelf. Not many books on it yet. My fiance' asked me when I told him that I was getting it "Do we have enough books to fill up another shelf?" I responded simply with "Not yet...."This one is probably my favorite, though it's bit dingy today and could use a good wipe down. I got this for free using the Freecycle group for my area. It's so retro and awesome, and has glass in the front to keep my books safe :D

This is my 'little' book shelf. This was bought about two months after we moved in. We realized that we needed this! I had three stacks of book just sitting along this wall...I hated it, and so did Mike.
Part of the reason we took this apartment, the built in shelves. They could be used for so many things...but books called to them. Eventually when we paint...because purple is so not my color, these shelves will be a deep chocolate brown. I'm excited for that day!!

So, do you have any pictures of your bookshelves you can share? How do you organize your books? Do you have a system, or do they just go where they can?


  1. Oh my goodness, Melange! Such wonderful shelves! I love them! I'm collecting pictures of bookshelves from my readers. Perhaps you'd want to share some of yours!

  2. Wonderful, just wonderful! I love the fish tank too! I love built in shelves; someday I want a room full of them.
    Today I went through my TBR shelves. I have separate my nonfiction and fiction shelves. In my office/den you will find them shelved much like you would in a library, but not in alpha order. I have them shelved by size. I tried to got through my keepers today, but did not get far. I will try again tomorrow. I have so many books the real solution is to get more shelves. But the next question would be..where would I put the shelves?

  3. congratulations on the new bookshelf!
    I also love that you decorate with the "light, element and something you love [or decoration]" in mind on the tops of your shelves!!

  4. What beautiful shelves! I don't have a way I organize my books. I also don't save them. Okay, maybe that is my system. As soon as I read the book, I give it away. :)

  5. There is no such thing as too many shelves.

    Nor too many books.

    I love your name -- melange!


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