Monday, September 28, 2009


  1. Everybody Poops but that doesn't mean we want to broadcast it. That was a cute video.

  2. Hi,
    So a few months back I was your server at IHOP and you left me the address to your book blog. You must pardon me for not checking it out sooner, but here I am loving it and I have only checked it out for a few minutes. I look forward to checking in from time to time. Thanks Sharyla!

  3. Jayna!

    I'm so glad you stopped by!! I guess it proves the more I talk about my blog the more people will actually get to it :)

    I no longer live in IL.I'm back in my home state of PA. But, I did start school. I want to review books professionally. Thanks so much for stopping by and come back often :)


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