Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Too Too Many Tutus by Suzanne Davis Marion

Too Too Many Tutus by Suzanne Davis Marion
Illustrated by Marj Hales
ISBN: 981439218471
Pages: 13

No Back of Book Description, so from description:

Christina has a problem. Her ballet class is coming up, and she must decide which one of her many tutus to wear. She lays them all carefully on her bed to help her decide. The decision is difficult, because the colors are each so vibrant and lovely. She imagines herself inspired to dance in a unique and special way in each tutu, with each color evoking its own particular imagery. In her blue tutu she could dance by the sea, with the birds and fishes joining in. In her green tutu she could do a forest dance among the trees, and in the meadows. Her orange tutu creates images of a joyous dance in the firelight at sunset. There are other colors too, each suggesting its own special mood. At last she receives some wise counsel in solving her dilemma, and helping her to make the correct choice.

My Rating: A

My Review:

This is a great book for little girls (or little boys) who have problems making choices. I read this book out loud to my brother (okay, he's 18 but still) to get the feel of what it would be like to read it out to a child. The only issue with the book was that at first it seemed to rhyme (seemed, as I'm not a poet or English major) and then it didn't and I was a little disappointed about that.

The illustrations were amazing and dreamy. They described what Christina was thinking perfectly and had bright colors that would capture any child's eye.

I highly recommend this to those with daughters or nieces!

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