Sunday, July 12, 2009

Please Read

Hi everyone!

I'm posting today to let you know about some comments that have been left on my interview and book review with Jean Sasson. There has been an impostor of sorts who has been commenting and saying things that are not true, such as that Jean plagiarized the book Princess, and other things. She's also writing as Princess Sultana. Please don't go looking for these comments because I'm going to delete them. But I would like you to know about them and know that she is a bit...a lot mental. She seems to be (as I've just got done reading some of her blog) very obsessed with Jean and has also attacked another author.

Please disregard her. Check out This post on Jean's website to learn more.

Also. Jean is coming out with a new book in October that I'm very excited about. It's the true story of Osama Bin Laden's wife and son and the trials they went through being related to such a man. I can't wait to read it and will hopefully be interviewing Jean before the book comes out.

Carry on about your day and please let me know if you see a comment from this woman on my blog so I can get rid of it.


  1. that's awful! Thanks for the warning...

  2. Hi! This is Jean Sasson. Thanks for being so responsible and alerting your viewers. Since starting my writing career and being in the public eye, I've been stunned by some of the weirdo characters that come out of the woodwork. I've had two or three stalkers, and this woman is only one of the sicko's. I had one guy who used to follow me around to book signings and during my talks, would suddenly stand up to announce that he was my husband and he was there to protect me and he would shout out "NOBODY MOVE!" in a very aggressive manner. He was a really large man and of course, his actions used to empty the room (laugh)... It was really something. So, it is just part of the business, I guess, but I do try to alert readers that there are nuts out there who try to make other lives miserable. I guess they can't help it -- they are quite obviously mentally deranged, so their reality is real to them. yet, it is sad in a way. People can't help being mentally ill, but they surely do create chaos in the world. Thanks again, Jean

  3. Hi! This is Jean again... Just to let you know that GROWING UP BIN LADEN will be out in a couple of weeks. If you would like to discuss the book with me, perhaps we can set up a time in early November. Please contact me on -- Looking forward to it. Meanwhile, HAPPY READING! Jean


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