Sunday, April 5, 2009

Not About Books Today....

I wanted to tell anyone who hasn't heard about it about this sad story. I know Sundays are usually a day of reflection and I wanted to know if you could keep these two little boys story in your hearts today, and their family as well.
A few weeks ago I was at work and a fax came in. It was an Amber alert. Of course I always pay attention to these, especially if I'm at work because I work at a gas station right on the interstate. There was two pictures of these two little boys and I remember thinking they were awful cute. They had been taken by their father. I was doubly interested because they were abducted from south of where I am, but they were suspected to be heading north. So I put the piece of paper up front where everyone could see and and I made sure to point out the car description.
Then, I went home and promptly forgot about those cute little boys.
Yesterday the front cover of the Chicago Tribune had those two pictures on it. And I realized that after I forgot about them, their father had killed them. I cried at work while reading the article and felt horrible for their mother and brother and a little horrible for forgetting about them. They were from Leroy, Illinois, and I don't exactly know where that's at, but I know it's south of me.
There have been so many shootings lately, I'm starting to feel depressed reading the news and not just because of the economy. If it means that people will quit freaking out and shooting each other (like the man who shot and killed 13 people in NY) then that's the only reason I want the economy to get better!
Anyway. Here's the article
I'm sorry to be such a downer, but I hope you can keeps these poor boys in your hearts this Sunday.


  1. I will. News like this is sad but if it inspires us to make the world a better place, then that's what's gotta be done. Chin up, Melange. The world will be alright in the end.


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