Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett

The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett

ISBN: 0-451-15297-2

Pages: 255

Back of Book Description:

Rincewind was the most truly inept wizard the flat earth of Discworld had ever known. He was a wizard with only one spell, a spell he would never dare to say, one the Eight Great Spells from the magical Octavo. So powerful was this magic that every ordinary useful spell refused to stay in the wizards mind for even one instant.

Then the red Star appeared in the sky--and everyone finally understood what the Eight Spells were really ward of the menace of this starry devastation. But the Octavo only had seven spells left. And suddenly the whole planet--from wizards and warriors to druids and demons--were after Rincewind. Yet even if they found him in time, would this inept magician be able to get the only Spell of his life right? Would this be the end of the honest-to-gosh flat hearth--or some crazy new beginning...?

My Rating: B+

My Review:

At first this book struck me as hysterical, but after about fifty pages I found that I was having trouble getting into it. Beyond the sheer hilarity I had a lot of issues finding characters that I could connect with. By the end though, I was enthralled by the story and couldn't wait to get to the end to see how they dealt with the Star problem.

Part of my problem with this book, to be honest, may have been that it's the second book in the series, when I thought it was the first, so I'm hoping that when I go back and read the first that I'll find a lot of gaps filled for me.

I do recommend this book to those looking for a light funny read, but be prepared, there are certain things you'll have to stretch your mind around, like a suitcase that acts suspiciously like a dog!

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