Friday, April 3, 2009

New To Me Books and Authors

I was perusing my Romantic Times magazine, and wrote down a few books, and a couple authors that I'm interested in.

Eve of Chaos by S. J. Day is coming out this year, maybe even this month (didn't do that much research). While this doesn't really look like something I'd normally read, I read a little excerpt and like the writing style, so I figure I'll give it a try.

Treasure Keeper by Shana Abe: I've read a Shana Abe before a few years ago and remember really liking it. And to be completely honest with everyone, I love to cover image.

Something About Her by Jeannie Ruesch: It's an historical fiction and there's a dead beat husband involved. Sounds good to me!

Till There Was You by Lyn Kurland: Looks like a good time travel, with a bit of humor. And in this one the hero goes back in time. I've never read one like that. (Not saying they are rare, I've just never read one as such)

Authors that I found that I'd like to know more about:
Sally Mckenzie (funny regencies??)
T.J. Bennett (the cover caught my eye, but I can't seem to find a working website and fantastic fiction doesn't have a page...)
Cara Lockwood (her older books don't look to my taste but the one coming out this month looks pretty good)

Also. I put books that people have mentioned to me on a list on my library website. But this only works for books that have already been published. I'd like to put another list of things that are coming out soon, but they don't register on my library website. I was wondering if anyone knows where I could make a list, other than in notepad, like this. That way I don't forget about books I truly am interested in.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Hi! TJ Bennett here, and your comment came up on my google alert, so thought I'd pop in and let you know about my website. Apparently it was affected a few days ago by the re-routing of lines due to the earthquake in Italy (who knew!) but you should be able to access it now ( In fact, I'm running a monthly gift basket contest where I give away my book (my debut, THE LEGACY) as well as those of my guest bloggers (among them this month is Madeline Hunter, bestselling historical romance author) and goodies (April is COFFEE, CHOCOLATE & ROMANCE month). The winner walks away with five autographed books, a $25 gift cert to See's Candy, and a pound of coffee beans. Occasionally, I will give away a copy of THE PROMISE when the mood strikes me as well. :-)

    Love to have you stop in and leave a comment ( for a chance to win the basket. Visitors need to comment on at least two of my hosts' guest posts throughout the month for a chance to win.

    I'm on a number of other places as well, including All About Romance (they rated THE LEGACY as a Desert Isle Keeper), Night Owl Romance (gave THE PROMISE a top pick) and Eye on Romance.

    Hope all is well with you and you will be able to access that link now. Take care,

    TJ Bennett


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