Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekly Geek Link Thing.

When Dewey started Weekly Geeks, one of the first projects she encouraged us to do was link our book reviews to each other. Sadly, I've fallen of the wagon on this one. For people like me who need a refresher and for all the new Weekly Geeks this is a topic that could use repeating.

Here's what we'll do:

1. Write a post encouraging readers to look through your archives (if you have your reviews in a particular place on your blog, point them there), and find the books that they have also written reviews. Tell them to leave a link to their review on your review post.

2. Edit your reviews to include those links in the body of the review post.

3. Visit other Weekly Geeks and go through their reviews. Leave links for them.

4. Leave a note somewhere on your blog to let people know this is your new policy.

5. Write a post later this week letting us know how your project is going!

I have actually never heard of this, as I'm new to Weekly Geek, but I think it's an awesome idea. My labels set up so that every review I write gets an author and a title label, hopefully making it easy to go through them. They are on the left side of my blog towards the bottom. Please feel free to link back to me with your review links! I'd love to see what you thought of books I've read!


  1. welcome to Weekly Geek! it is so much fun! and I will keep an eye out for any future books we have in common and make sure to link exchange!
    I am also super jealous you are reading the Russell Brand book. i think it looks amazing and I really love him!

  2. Erika Lynn,

    It's a bit harder than you would think to get into, like his comedy, his writing can be very sporadic and addish. But the farther into it you get, the easier it gets to read! I'm about 170 pages in and loving it!


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