Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekly Geeks: Judge a Book By It's Cover

I've decided to start doing the Weekly Geek. It's a weekly themed (mostly book) post. This week is Judge a Book By It's Cover. I'm suppose to pick a book and show many covers of the book and choose which one is my favorite.

I've decided to choose Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchet. It's my all-time favorite book. And I've owned it a few times. The first time I ever had it, someone actually sent it to me over the internet and I printed out each page. I put it in a blue binder. That probably was my favorite one. But I've since then upgraded.

So, here are some various covers of Good Omens:

I've never seen this one before. Not even a picture of it online. I like it, I love how nice and simple it is.

This is probably my all time favorite. I think that the O's turned into Crowley and Aziraphale's faces is just too nifty.

This is the copy I own now. It's a nice special edition hard back. It has special meaning to me because not only is it my favorite book, but it's the first book my boyfriend ever bought me.

I've also never seen this cover before, but I enjoy it. I like what's going on on the front, but don't like the way the characters are portrayed. I see them differently in my head. I do love the font though.

This is probably my least favorite cover that I found. I think it's a bit too simple and I miss the arrow in the M. But I don't get what the 666 symbol is suppose to mean. Well, obviously I understand what it's suppose to mean, but I don't quite know what the lines around it are suppose to mean.

So. There are the covers I found. I loved doing this. I would love to know what you think of the covers as well!


  1. I really like the first minimalist one. Also the one that your boyfriend got you. :)

  2. I like the third book, thats the one I own. :P

  3. Claire-
    I would love to have a copy of the first one. I like the simplistic nature of it as well

    Kerrie- The third one really shows that this is a fun book, one that doesn't take itself too seriously

    Ms Ulat Buku
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Was this your first copy of the book? It's very nice. I was very excited when it came out.

  4. I have a paperback one that's similar to your hardback, but reversed (white background/black lettering). I seem to remember that the paperbacks were released both ways at the same time.

    The roads around the 666 represent major roads around London. The ring road is the M25, which acts as a beltway for London. The road cutting through at the upper left is the M1, etc. I think it was Crowley who made a mess on the M25, yes?

  5. Abbot of Unreason:

    First, I love your name, and your blog.

    Secondly, Yes. Crowley was responsible for that whole road mess. And now that you explain the symbol it makes perfect sense! thanks so very very much!!

  6. I prefer the first one. - perhaps because I have not read the book.

  7. Didn't participate that week, but happened across your choice. I LOVE this book!!!!

  8. Thanks! I really love this book as well. Thanks so much for stopping by! This was the week that made me decide that it looked pretty fun.


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