Friday, July 25, 2008

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
ISBN: 0-316-81584-9
Pages: 498
Back of Book Description:

About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him--and I didn't know how dominant that part might be--that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

My Rating: A+

This was such an easy read! I enjoyed this book so much. I loved how the characters fit together so well, Edward and Bella weren't the only ones that you could just tell were made for each other. The author writes in a way that you can't help but love every character. Even the minor characters were important. She writes description in such a way that everything just flows into your mind and the dialog is quick and witty at times and devastatingly emotional at others.
The love was so real, I ached when they did and gushed when they did.

Sometimes I struggled a bit with decisions made by the characters but other than that this is an A plus read. I have every intention of reading the rest of these and as quickly as possible. I am completely on the wagon with this author.


  1. I agree with you on how good the books are. I just started New Moon so I can't read your other reviews yet. *covers eyes and sings "No spoilers"* lol I just reviewed Twilight not to long ago myself. Click on my name if you want to check it out. :-)

  2. Oooh. Is there a way I don't know about so that I can hid things like that? Like on Live Journal there is an LJ cut?

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and I hope you enjoyed it.
    I'll by stopping by yours soon.

  3. I added the link to your review to the bottom of my review post.


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