Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Isles of Blest by Morgan Llywelyn

The Isles of Blest by Morgan Llywelyn
ISBN: 0-441-36610-4
Pages: 167
Back of Book Description:
The irresistible lure of a magical land...

Connla, son of Conn, was the pride of ancient Erin: fair of face and mighty in battle. Yet his heart was weary of killing and longed for a life of peace.

Then the fair-woman came, beautiful beyond mortal imagining, to whisper promises only he could hear--of a land where pleasure rules. Beyond pain. Beyond death.

But even paradise has it's price...

My Rating: B
My Review:

Reminiscent of The Odyssey in it's hero goes on quest and everyone dies before he gets back plot line, this book moves rather slow. It's saving grace is really that Ms. Llywelyn is an excellent writer and has the ability to make the Isles of Blest come to life on the pages, as well as ancient Erin itself.

The story is told very much like a legend and so the characters are grandiose and hard to feel like you could know on a personal level. There aren't really any 'bad' guys either, though this isn't a problem, it just makes the plot a bit more hazy.

All in all it's a very nice little read, and I don't intend on putting down any of Morgan Llywelyn's books any time soon.

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