Friday, July 25, 2008

Criminal Minds: Jump Cut by Max Allan Collins

Criminal Minds: Jump Cut by Max Allan Collins
Number Of Pages: 271
ISBN #: 978-0-451-22318-0

Back of Book Description:

They're members of the Behavioral analysis Unit, and elite team of FBI profilers tasked with examining the nation's most twisted criminal minds--and anticipating their next moves before they strike again...

The BAU team is dispatched to Lawrence, Kansas, to investigate a series of fatal stabbings among the town's homeless population. The victims have all been found freshly bathed, neatly groomed, and wearing new clothes. To profiler Jason Gideon, these look like carefully staged murders in isolated settings, fulfilling the sick fantasies of one or more Unknown Subjects.

When the kidnapping of a young heiress presents a second, seemingly unrelated crime for the BAU to help solve, Gideon deduces a sinister connection, despite the variance in MOs. The kidnap victim must be found--before she too is a player in the mind games of a pair of UnSubs who are inventing horrific new ways to kill.

My Rating: B+
All in all this was a decent book. Compared to the show, it wasn't exactly spot on. But it did well enough to pass. The only thing that got on my nerves was that the author insisted on putting the full title of the character in every time they were mentioned. There were parts where I felt that the characters would do things that I didn't think they'd do in the show.

The story itself was good. The case and the unsubs were very interesting, and to be honest, I had no idea where it was going until it got there, each step was a surprise to me. Not only do I plan on reading the next book (by the same author) I've already ordered it.

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