Thursday, July 24, 2008

Coffee With Mozart Julian Rushton

Coffee With Mozart by Julian Rushton
Number Of Pages: 139
ISBN #:978-1-84483-513-3
Inside Flap Description:

Coffee with Mozart, a fictional dialogue based on biographical facts.
Buy Mozart a coffee and you'll soon know the score...

The most illustrious figures of the past would have much to tell us if only we could borrow an hour or so of their time. The Coffee With...series of dramatized biographies enables us to do just that. A chat with Mozart turns out to be wonderfully enlightening...and we can even ask questions!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the greatest figures in the history of music. In his short life--ending at the age of just 35--he enriched an astonishing range of musical genres, infusing his compostions with unparalleled inventiveness and beauty. His conversation bubbles with as much vitality as his music--as you'll find when you hear what he has to say about his life, his ambitions and anxieties, and his amazing achievements, as well as his fascinating relationships with friends, family, rivals, patrons...and their money.

My Grade: B

This is a wonderful little book. I was highly pleased and amused by the way that "Mozart" talked to the interviewer in this.

I learned things about Mozart I doubt I will have ever known, and learned that some things I thought were fact about him weren't even close to true, or that they had any evidence to prove it. I was amazed by how little I knew about him. It's sparked my interest in not only the time period of his life, but the man himself and his music.

My only issue with the book may not be the books problem but my own. So much of it went right over my head. Lots of classical music terms that I really didn't understand. I think if I had more knowledge this book would be even more fulfilling. I guess maybe it could have been 'dumbed' it down, but that may have taken away from the over all 'story'.

Overall, this was a great, quick read. I look forward to reading more Coffee With... books.

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