Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feature and Follow! (A Day Late & A Dollar Short)

Good Saturday Morning Everyone! With the start of classes and a slight change in the work schedule, I've not been giving the blog quite the amount of attention I wanted to last week, but here I am, trying to get caught up. As most bloggers out there Parajunkee hosts the Feature & Follow blog hop every Friday. I'm just winging it and posting on a Saturday. Hope ye'all don't mind.

This week the featured blog was Progress & Procrastination. I believe the blogger is new to the world of book blogging, so extra support is always fun to give. As long as we can keep others addicted to our world, we'll never run out of books to read!

The question that Parajunkee asks this week:
Define characteristics your favorite blogs share

This is a hard question to answer since I try to read so many genres and so many authors. I guess what most of my favorite books share is great secondary characters. I love me some supporting actors. In my favorite fantasy books by David Eddings, there are many awesome things about the main characters, but the secondary ones really pull the book together. Even in the romances I read, I love that cute little kid that brings the lovers together a little more, or even the talking cat that just cracks you up. To me, a secondary character can save a book. I've read some novels where I hated the hero but just kept on plugging through because I was falling madly in love with his best friend.

Yes, secondary characters. They my friends are where it's at.


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