Friday, April 22, 2011

I Heart My Kindle

I heart my Kindle and I promote it every day. the ease of travel, page saving, length of book dottage and reading meter, percent of book read, awesome free books off of amazon...I could keep going! I absolutely LOVE it..and I was super hesitant to buy it at the beginning which makes my appreciation even stronger! All of my previous worries are no problem at all. Cost of books, the difference between paper copies and computer screen, battery life..none of have been issue for me at all.

My only negative of my Kindle is that my 3G versions internet browser hardly ever works, although I don't use it much (my Kindle is for reading) I did pay extra for it so I'd like it to work accordingly..and the preset screen savers, I would like to be able to customize them.

Free Books My Kindle has Scored Me:
-Alice at Heart
-Blood That Bonds


  1. I heart my kindle too! I download classics for free all the time. I currently am reading Siddhartha which I got for free! I also downloaded Spoilt and the blood that bonds I'll have to check out Alice at Heart

    I wish there was a book swap feature or we could lend more than once and on all books instead of only certain ones.

    I dont find that I ever need the browser either but I also paid extra so it should work accordingly and with ease.

  2. ;o)
    I am glad that you are a fan as well... I promote it so often Amazon should pay me...

  3. I love my Kindle too! I actually am getting to prefer it. Seems like I read a lot quicker on it.

  4. I love my Kindle too! I was too hesitant at taking the plunge and purchasing it but so glad that I did!

  5. My cousin Amy wants a Kindle! Ive heard they are really good nice to know another person is happy with it I might get one myself considering that I love books.


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