Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another Summer by Georgia Bockoven - Spoiler!

Another Summer by Georgia Bockoven
ISBN: 9780380818655
Pages: 400

I really liked this book although I got confused at the beginning with the change in months.

This story is based on/in a beach house and follows the story of the guests. I'm pretty much going to ruin it for you in my explanation so keep that in mind as you read...or choose not to.

May tells of Andrew and Cheryl, old high school lovers that broke up when Andrew left for college and gave no answers to Cheryl of what happened or why. It's been years since they saw each other. Cheryl has been married and divorced since and Andrew traveled around the world. They both attend their 20 year high school reunion in hopes of running into each other...and they do! It doesn't take long for the sparks to start flying again. But Andrew broke Cheryl's trust and depending on the past issues explanations the re found love is in a tricky situation.

June tells of Kelly, a workaholic-up and coming lawyer, and her interest in a local environmental lawyer and the effects his testimony will have in her upcoming case. Ironically Matt (the local lawyer) is a friend of Andrews and often surfs at Andrew's place, which is right next to the beach house. Kelly and Matt begin a love/hate ulterior motives relationship where Kelly reads Matts bestselling book and signs up to take a class from him to gain insight, but once their involvement begins, she might gain even more insight.

July was the hardest "chapter/segment" for me because it deals with a family's distress of losing their 9 month old daughter. (I hate to think about things like that happening) Ann & Craig's marriage has been through the ringer with self blame, guilt, and the shutting down of emotions. Jeremy is a 9 year old boy stuck in between a severely depressed mom and a dad who is tired of feeling sorry for their family. Jeremy finds a cat and meets some mysterious older neighbors that help jump start their healing process.

August jumps back to Andrew and Cheryl but adds 3 young disadvantaged girls (Maria, Deanna, and Karen) each of them has their own issues. Maria has the responsibility of helping provide for her mother and siblings and decides she can only take a vacation if she has a job. So, Andrew gives her a job in his greenhouse where she meets Paul (an upper class educated boy) who is automatically not her style and rubs her the wrong way. Karen gets the self centered role and is often on Deana's case for overeating and her current weight gain. Secrets are revealed and Cheryl and Andrew progress as well.

I'm not sure if this is a continuation of Georgia Bockoven's The Beach House, but I'm adding it to my TBR list. Although this book got neglected for awhile it was easy to jump back into and a good story line!

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