Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Book Duo Rocks!

Wednesday nights are my most favorite weeknight EVER! It's only Tuesday and I'm already super psyched!!

Wednesday's are the best, because they are the day that my good friend Kaylee and I get together and have BOOK DUO!
It was suppose to be a book group, but our top number of members (if that's what you want to call them) was 3, and the one had to quit coming due to loss of vehicle, so two we are.

We use to get together at a local coffee shop, it was awesome. Every Wednesday we would sit down to awesome coffee and good company and chit chat. After a while though, economic times weren't that grand, and we decided to starting meeting at my little apartment. It's turned out a lot better than I thought. Now, when the two of us get done talking books, we just turn on the tube and watch...mostly documentaries.

Last week though, the book talk lasted longer than usual. I had recently been to Barnes and Noble and had quite the bit to tell her about. She'd started reading the Hunger Games books and was gushing about them.

I told her all the lovely that is the Fever series by Moning, and how very drool worthy Jericho Barrons is. She told me that Hunger Games was wonderful and insisted I add them to my TBR pile. I showed her the ins and outs of Bookmarks and RT Magazine, and we discussed how RT Magazine has a particular smell...and tried to figure out what other magazine we knew smelled like it (never did).
We went through the cookbook I bought and discussed almost every recipe. There were some that there's just no way I'll ever make (Mussell Soup) and some I'm psyched to try (one I can't remember that has lemon involved)

Kaylee got a present from me, it's a book of quotes about friendship that I found at The Dollar Tree for ... a dollar! (Erie, PA) and she had to tear herself away from reading it all in one sitting. And of course I showed her my lovely new bookmark that says "Shhh! I'm Trying To Read" and told her, if I'd found two, she'd have one as well.
We made plans to go to Cranberry, PA and check out the B&N there, as neither of us knew it exsisted and then...I'm sure we watched a movie.

All in all a great Book Duo night, and I'm sure tomorrow will be swell as well.


  1. Book duo sounds sooo much more than book club. It's girlfriend's night + books. What a perfect combination!

  2. It really is! I love it, and I'm pretty sure Kaylee does to, since she keeps coming back, and keeps bringing books :D

    They are my favorite... And I love the pictures we took... They turned out nice... Maybe we will have some more tonight... Finished the hunger games series... COMPLETELY awesome...

  4. I loved your guest post on Stephanie's blog! Trust me, with your gal's night book club you've got it even better than us city slickers. I live in the second largest city in the country, albeit possibly the most ill-read, and I still haven't found a suitable book club in person. Our biggest problem? Distance and traffic. We suck.

    There's a YA book club with awesome books that meets every Sunday - unfortunately that's one of the days I work AND the meets are crazy far (it takes 3 freeways for me at least). Plus, Angelenos are some of the flakiest people on the planet, so getting the same group to show up on a weekly basis would be a miracle.


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