Friday, October 22, 2010

Blog Hop!!

Book Blogger Hop

Well, happy weekend everyone! It's that time of week again, the one where we answer a question, meet a bunch of new bloggers, and fun is had by everyone!

This week the question is:

"Where is your favorite place to read?" favorite place to read is in the bath. To me, a hot bath with some bubbles, and maybe a little Celtic music, that's the spot..

Obviously though, I can't read only in the bath. If I did, I'd be a prune. I also can be caught reading on the couch with my blankey (who has a name, Alice), and in the bed (though I find that pretty uncomfortable after about 20 minutes, in my rocking chair (which is the most comfortable, and yet the least used), or like today, at work. I really can read anywhere. I'm also a huge fan of reading in the car on a long trip. I use to get excited when we would have a doctor's appointment for my ex boyfriend because that meant the trip to and from was all reading, and of course that long never annoyed me!

I am going to capitalize on the fact that it's a hop, and re-mention to all of my new and old friends about the new Yahoogroup: Book Bloggers Unite. I got a great response from my original question of whether this was something people would actually be interested in, and decided to get it under way. Already there's been a great mixture of ideas and lots of book talk as well. We'd love to have some more members to share and learn with. Please remember that this is not a group for authors, just readers and bloggers!
Click here to learn more, or of course you could always email me. ( for more info.


  1. Simply spending some time hopping around :)

    I do not have a favorite place to read but I do tend to read longer when the light is bright. Which is hard to come by with Steampowered lamps.

    Mad Scientist

  2. Ah, reading in cozy places is my favorite thing...

    To read what I wrote, go here:

  3. Just hopping by, I've never been a fan of baths, but like you I can read anywhere.

  4. I'll read anywhere and everywhere, but I agree the bath is wonderfully luxurious.

    The CRITTER Project and Naked Without a Pen


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