Thursday, September 2, 2010

Follow Friday

The question for this weeks Follow Friday feature is what is my favorite brick and mortar bookstore.

After trying to learn what that term meant I have decided that I can answer the question. My favorite brick and mortar bookstore would be Paperback Reader in Kankakee, IL. I have known the owner for probably 15 years of my 24 year life, and it's like a second home to me. My dad and I would make a day of going there when I was little..bigger..and biggest. I call the owner Mom. Now, this may mean I'm a bit biased, but, not so. It's genuinely a great store. You can walk in and ask the owner, who is almost always manning the desk, about a book...with little detail and she'll be able to tell you the title and author.

I love that store. I miss that store. Now here, in Pennsylvania, I'd have to say that my favorite store of this kind would be Barnes and Noble. But only because I'm not a huge fan of our local used book store. I'm not a fan, because it is not traditional, or the way I like I guess. There's a selection of new books, and while it's pretty easy to tell the difference, there's nothing worse (to me) than going into a used book store with 5 dollars, seeing the book you want, new, for 10. I'd rather they didn't have a used copy and that was that. Tempting me is not nice.


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  6. Have a blast hopping to/following new blogs or beginning great books!

    Here is my Book blogger hop/Follow me/Book Beginnings post! I am a very serious eclectic reader!

  7. Hey kid,
    My favorite book store is also a mix of new and used. It is called Treehorn books in Santa Rosa CA. The nice thing about the store is that they have more used than new, and the new section is separated so you can avoid looking at higher priced books.
    Another is called Copperfield's, again in Santa Rosa (oh why did I move away!). It is has hard to find titles and you would be more likely to find smart books rather than just the best sellers. I doubt you would find Twilight in this store. I really really miss it!

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  10. I'm now following you. Happy Friday. I do judge a book by its cover but I also check reviews.
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