Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Off Topic Tuesday

Hello My Dearest Readers,

There hasn't been much reading here in Wonderland lately. There's been happiness, and a bit of stress, but the reading...not so much.

First, my fiance was finally offered the job he's been after for about 6 months now. He's patiently waiting to start next Monday, but thoroughly enjoyed giving his notice at his current place of employment. I'm very excited for him. He spent a week or so stressing out about little things that I never think of when starting a new job. Instead of "Ooo! I get to learn new things" he was "Oh....I have to learn all new stuff" and instead of "Yay!! I'm out of that craphole I work at now" He was "::sigh:: I wasn't the low man on the totem pole at my job...now I will be". Boys have funny emotions.

In other job related news. I got a promotion, and then almost immediately ruined it. I got the promotion last Wednesday. Started on Thursday (training) and was suppose to train more on Friday. Friday...I woke up an hour late for work. I don't know what happened. Mike said that at 5:30 in the morning when he left for work I was up and smoking a cigarette...but I have no recollection of this (which is worrisome for many reasons). So. When I woke up really late for work, I went in, got sent home and thought all weekend that I was going to lose my job. This would normally be a sucky thing, but on top of it, it was finals weekend. So, yeah, eye twitching started.

Yesterday I went into work 3 hours early. Was told that I made the mistake that I get to make and I better be a good girl from now on. Sent home until my shift started and then had an awesome day at work. I really love my new position, and the opportunity to make money is much...better.

So, that's my Off Topic Tuesday talk. What's going on for you??

Don't forget that to check out my contest page. There's still 2 contests going on. One on my blog, and one on a good friends blog. (Her's ends soon!!)


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