Friday, August 20, 2010

Blog Hop :D

Book Blogger Hop
This weeks Book Blogger Hop questions is:
How many blogs do you follow?

First, I would like to mention that it took me forever to figure out how many blogs I was following. But, I did, and it's 91 (I'm doing this post before I do any hops, so this number will most surely change soon). I don't read blogs everyday. I save that for when I'm up and just staring at the computer and have nothing to do, or when I'm in the mood to do a non review post and have no clue what I want to talk about. I love that there are blogs out there for all different genres, and am really psyched by the amount of YA blogs. My favorite types of blogs to follow are ones that there aren't many of, like Historical Fiction as well as blogs like my friend Sari's. Hers is truly one of a kind, with quality writing.

I hope that my blog is follow worthy for some out there!

Off to hop! Enjoy.


  1. Hopping by to visit and follow! I'm another one of the bajillons of YA bloggers--I once thought I'd be more of an urban fantasy blogger, but YA takes over everything, somehow. :-) The unique bloggers who review rarer genres are wonderful, and I like running across them, too.


  2. Just hopping by to say, hi.
    Kelly Bookend Diaries

  3. Found you in the hop, following :)

  4. Stopping by from the hop! It looks like you have a good variety of books on this site, and it's beautiful! I'm a new follower.

    Here's mine!

  5. Hi!

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my review. I've only read two books so far in the series and I'm in love. I love your Blog name!!
    We are following back.

    Have a Great Weekend :)


  6. Happy Hopping! I'm here on my first time1 My fav genres are YA PNR and historical romances though I don't have any of my historical posts up yet. (I'm new) Good site! I will give you a follow!

  7. Happy Follow Friday!

    I'm stopping by to say hello. I'm now a follower.

    Have a great weekend!!


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