Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Books on Sunday

You have to love going somewhere (Church, an Army Surplus store, or somewhere like those places...) and coming home with books. These are quite obviously not places you would normally think "When I get home, I'll have some new books!!"
I have been lucky enough to bring home 6 new (well, at least new to me) books in two days. Yesterday I went to Borders looking for Wolf Hall, then decided against buying it and instead brought home Push by Sapphire and My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler (This has been on my wishlist for at least a year now.

Today, after church I found that they sell some used books to help raise money for the church library. I picked up four new to me books. The first that caught my eye was Say Goodbye by Lewis Shiner. I then grabbed Chalktown by Melinda Haynes. I was extremely excited to grab Irish Magic which is an anthology (Susan Wiggs, Morgan Llywelyn, Barbara Samuel and Roberta Gellis) because Morgan Llywelyn is one of my all time favorite authors! I also spotted a non-fiction, A Coffin for King Charles by C. V. Wedgwood. All look very interesting. I'm especially intrigued by Chalktown.

Have any of you ever been somewhere you didn't expect to find books? I'd love to hear about it. Also, has anyone heard of these authors?

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  1. No weird places but I'll let you know if I ever come across a book at the gas station. Of course I'd have to have a reason to go to one since I'm an avid pedestrian.

    So you were able to get a new look. It's interesting. I'll be needing to change mine soon although I have to stay with the same place because I don't want my sidebar disappearing.

    Llywelyn sounds familiar but that could be because of it also being a publisher.


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