Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rules of Surrender by Christina Dodd

Rules of Surrender by Christina Dodd
ISBN: 0-380-811-979
Pages: 360
Back of Book Description:

Lady Charlotte Dalrumple is known as England's most proper governess, a woman who has never taken a misstep socially -- or romantically -- so on the surface she seems perfectly suited to accept the challenge of reforming English born Lord Wynter Ruskin, sadly uncivilized by his travels abroad. But the ruggedly handsome man has no desire to be taught manners. He has glimpsed an uninhibited beauty hiding beneath her prim exterior and he'd much rather spend his days -- and nights -- instructing her in the ways of love. And when ardor erupts between them, Charlotte learns the pleasures of desire and Wynter the passions of the heart, but before they can love both must master the rules of surrender...

My Rating: B-

My Review:

In almost every romance I've read I've found at least one thing to like, if not love, about the hero. Not so in this novel. I thought that other than the extreme 'proper' that Charlotte exuded (which was necessary for the part she played) the heroine was wonderful. Wynter, on the other hand, was outrageous, obnoxious, hard to understand, and chauvinistic until the last chapter when suddenly he decides he's been wrong the entire time. There's no lead up to it, there's no small epiphanies on the way. The only thing that really saved this book from receiving a much lower rating from me was the fact that all of the other characters were extremely well rounded, the plot was well thought out and executed and the idea was to a point original. The male lead almost ruined it for me. I don't recommend this book to any romance reader who wants a strong lead female, and a passionate about his woman lead male.

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