Thursday, June 25, 2009

Katka by Stephen R. Meier

Katka by Stephen R. Meier
ISBN: 978-1-4392-1633-0
Pages: 107
Back of Book Description:

Katka by Stephen Meier is a rough, uneasy novel of avarice, love and deception gone very wrong. when Gavin and Katka join with Simona to scam buyers of mail order brides in the Czech Republic, Gavin sets events into motion with disastrous results. Gavin talks Katka, his girlfriend, into selling herself to a buyer and then taking his money an running, but things get twisted and Katka disappears with the client. Left with Simona, Gavin decides to carry on and make some real money. as Gavin's success increases, his guilt and doubt also rise, and he begins to worry this world has taken more than he's willing to give. He finds himself thinking of Katka, the life they could have had, and the life he consigned her to, and wonders if he can undo the biggest mistake of his life. Written with grit and masterful prose, Katka is a literary punch in the stomach that takes your breath way, leaves you with unforgettable images and even more unforgettable characters.

My Rating: B+

My Review:

This book will leave you with a strong taste. The characters are very vivid and very interesting and seem like people that could very well be out there. At the same time though there's a lot of questions left in the end, which could very well be to leave that taste, but ends up just being frustrating because there are so many left with out a conclusion.

The writing itself was amazing and I will be sure to pick up more of this author in the future. I recommend this book to those who love reading books that don't have a neat and tidy ending. If you do like books that answer all your questions this book is probably not exactly what your looking for, but because the prose is so wonderful and the characters are so memorable that I think it would be a shame for you to pass it up.


  1. I agree about the remarkable characters described in Katka and about the amazing narration. Also,I've not felt flustered by the unexpected end of the book,instead I think the very last page is a gift for the readers,they can imagine a possible sequel, they can picture about what will happen next. S.Meier is a very innovative and talented storyteller, his ability in writing amazing dialogues makes this book an unforgettable and enticing reading.

  2. Beautiful writing trumps neat and tidy endings for me every time! I'll have to check this one out.


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