Saturday, March 7, 2009

End of the Week 3.7

Well, the first week of March is almost at and end. How sad, it's going so very fast. I just can't wait until it stays warm enough to read outside all day, not until the sun moves and you get all shivery.

I'm still reading The Riven Kingdom by Karen Miller, though I plan very much on finishing it tonight! I'm surprised because I actually am now very much into it. I have just a bit over 150 pages to go.

Therefore I don't have much to update on this week. I guess I'll ask a question instead.

How far do you get into a book before you decide it's not for you and put it down? By most people's standards I should have put this book down about 400 pages ago. But, because of the story line (though I didn't like the pace at which it was moving) I coulnd't put it down for good.

And for our beautiful books for the week:

I found this by googling 'beautiful libraries' as an image search. This is just one of many that I came up with, but this was my favorite.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. Great picture! I so want this library! As far as books go, I have two rules concerning when to stop reading;
    1 If by chapter two I find myself disliking or not caring for the characters I put the book aside.
    2 If I find that after putting a book down (because real life comes calling) and I stop thinking about it and forgot to pick it up again, then it is time to put it aside. Other than than those two rules, it really depends on the individual book. Sometimes I get disgusted by a book and fling it aside. Sometimes an author takes soooo long to get to the point that I find my ADD kicking in and I move to someone who can get the point!

  2. WOW! That IS a gorgeous library!

  3. awesome pic. Looks like a great library. Although I'd prefer more comfortable chairs...when I build it onto the back of my home, I'll have to get better chairs to lounge in. ;)


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